You’ve been there:  feeling sluggish, suffering from bad skin, feeling heartburn or indigestion, gaining weight for no apparent reason . . . there are dozens of symptoms we chalk up to ‘old age’ or a ‘busy lifestyle’.  But what if the truth was much simpler than that?  What if you could reverse these symptoms and start feeling younger, more energetic and more like your old self again?

It turns out that many of us – in fact, nearly all of us – suffer from an unbalanced digestive system.  Now, if your mind immediately leapt to yogurt commercials with dancing midriffs, don’t worry – this isn’t about shaking your tummy up.  This is about getting your whole core in balance and letting your digestive tract start to work at its peak, opening up your system to be more receptive to nutrients from food and drink, even supplements.

I know -  a lot of you are probably thinking that your daily dose of fiber supplement or your cup of enhanced yogurt is the ticket to maintaining digestive health and regularity.  But regularity isn’t an indication of health, and it’s not always possible to take either one with today’s busy lifestyle.

Turns out the key to excellent digestive health isn’t the probiotic, as we have long thought, but rather something called a prebiotic.  Prebiotics are naturally occurring, and they have been proven to strengthen  your immune system, help your body absorb vitamins and minerals, improve your heart health and even reduce the incidence of allergies. 

Probiotics, on the other hand, are not naturally occurring.  They only appear if you ferment food, such as in yogurt or kimchee.  And even then, they can be harsh and ineffective.  What’s worse, the European Food Safety Authority has rejected over 180 health claims about probiotics because the evidence just isn’t there to back them up.  They work by indiscriminately adding bacteria to your system, whether it is needed or not, in uncontrolled dosages.

By contrast, gentle, natural prebiotics have been shown to reduce the growth of bad bacteria while promoting good bacteria.  You feel better immediately, because your body’s rampant reproduction of bad bacteria is stopped, and you stop doing damage to yourself.

Even drug-resistant bacteria like S. aureus (staph infection) and E. coli are stopped in their tracks.

So how does it work?

All parts of the kiwi are used to provide powerful prebiotic action that is gentle but effective.Turns out the phenolics that naturally occur in the skin of the humble kiwifruit contain part of the answer.   These small molecules are powerful antioxidants, and they stop the overgrowth of bad bacteria in your system.  When your body isn’t taxed by trying to fight off these super-bugs, it is able to digest proteins and keep them moving through your system, rather than rotting in your digestive tract.

And the enzymes found in the pulp of that same kiwi improve the way your body digests proteins.  The natural prebiotics occurring in the kiwi fruit and skin create an environment that lets good bacteria flourish, and the soluble fiber in the skin and pulp help to improve bowel function.  What’s more, you have a natural defense against degenerative diseases.

When everything is working in balance, your body is a much more efficient machine.

You’re less susceptible to colds, flu, and even superbugs like the ones I mentioned above.

Your system is more prepared to receive all the available nutrients in food and in supplements.

Your body moves waste through efficiently, reducing odor, and preventing toxins from leaking into your bloodstream.

You feel more energetic.

Your skin is clearer.

You lose that bloated feeling.

With all these things going for it, should you be eating kiwi every day?  Well, turns out it’s not quite as simple as slicing one up with your breakfast.

First of all, the fiber required to get the benefits would require that you eat two to four kiwi a day.  Including the skin.  Every day.

Secondly, kiwi is often picked before it is fully ripe, meaning the enzymes haven’t had a chance to completely develop.  As the fruit begins to go bad, the enzymes degrade even further.

And let’s face it, even the most dedicated health enthusiast is going to get tired of eating two to four kiwi with skins a day!

The solution I’ve found is in a natural supplement called Kiwi-Klenz. 

Kiwi-Klenz is different from other prebiotics made from kiwi, because it uses a proprietary processing system called AquaPure®.  This system means the soluable fiber, enzymes and phenolic compounds remain  in the end product, concentrating the skin, seeds, and fruit into a powerful supplement that can show results in as little as a few days.

What’s more, this supplement is from Xtend-life, a New Zealand based natural health company that takes the source of its ingredients seriously.  There are no added solvents, chemicals, heavy metals or pesticides used to in the manufacturing process, unlike with many of their competitors.  The kiwi is sourced from sustainable farms and production of Kiwi-Klenz has no negative impact on the environment.

Their supplement is so pure it doesn’t even use gelatin to encapsulate: these supplements are vegetarian.  It is the only 100% pure natural digestive supplement that truly works to create and sustain total balance in your digestive tract.

What about psyllium?  Doesn’t it do the same thing?

safe, natural kiwifruit aids digestionTurns out that Kiwi-Klenz is so concentrated, it has even more soluble fiber than even straight pysillium husks.  It even has triple the amount of bioactives compared to dried kiwi powder!

Just one capsule a day can show benefits.  For the first couple of days, you may feel a little bit unsettled, but this soon passes as your system rebalances its bacteria.  In a few short days you are more energized, more youthful, and you have a better immune system.

Don’t take my word for it – Xtend-life has a 6 month guarantee on its product!  What other company does that?  Check them out, get answers to your questions about Kiwi-Klenz, and start enjoying a healthier body with just one simple supplement a day.